What do You Love to Do that God Might Want You to do for Him?

June 6, 2012

She has published more than 200 books but not before she stepped out in faith, quit her job, and pursued God’s calling for her to write.  Her teachers had encouraged her as a child to write.  As a young wife and mother raising two children, she dabbled in writing and was encouraged to do more by a conference speaker.  When her boys were teens, she quit her job and took a leap of faith to write more seriously.  She has since written books on tough issues, such as addiction and mental illness, and she writes for women, teens, and children.

 She is Melody Carlson. 

Questions to Ponder: What do you love to do that God might want you to do for Him and His Kingdom?  What’s stopping you?

What Is Keeping You From Fulfilling Your Dream?

April 7, 2012

Growing up in Louisiana, she enjoyed writing.  But she thought her dream of becoming a writer was too ambitious, and so she kept it a secret.  At the age of 23, she tried to write her first novel, but she became discouraged and the effort came to an end.  Her passion for writing, however, continued to grow and found expression in skits she wrote for her church.

People told her she had great talent and encouraged her to write more.  As her confidence grew, she continued writing, striving to show the impact of the gospel message through the lives of her characters.

She has since written three popular series of Christian fiction books: Victorian Serenade, The Gresham Chronicles, and Tales of London.  She is Lawana Blackwell.

Question for Contemplation:  As an artist, using your gift as an expression of your faith, what is keeping you from fulfilling your dream?