Prayer Boxes

October 31, 2010

By Kristen Clark – Designed to put prayers in without taking them back!

As an artist, I am always looking for new surfaces and mediums to experiment with.  As a result, my creative mind is rarely at rest, which is why I was delighted when I came up with the idea of creating miniature works of art in the form of prayer boxes. Prayer boxes are great tools for surrendering our worries and cares to God’s perfect plan.  Prayer boxes also make fun canvasses for the expression of my faith!

Art Level: Intermediate

Art Medium: Collage

What I used:

Surface, Papers & Embellishments:

  • Paper Mache boxes in various sizes (the largest was 4”x4”x4”)
  • Krylon I17011A00 ACE Metallic Antique Gold 11OZ spray paint
  • Tree House Studio spray adhesive
  • Plaid Classic Mod Podge Matte
  • FolkArt ® Finishes Antiquing Polish, Brown, 2 oz., #590
  • Decorative paper and tissue in assorted and complimentary colors
  • Black square felt pieces (cut just slightly smaller than box dimensions; one per box)
  • Various Stampabilities rubber stamps (Christian verses, cross, berry vine)
  • CraftSmart Acid Free/Sans Acid Dye-Based black rubber stamp ink
  • ½” wide organza ribbons in complimentary colors

Tools and Supplies:

  • Retractable utility knife
  • Small paint brush
  • Fabric scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Soft disposable cloth (used terrycloth towel or cotton t-shirt)


What I did:

  1. Sprayed boxes and lids with antique gold paint (let dry thoroughly).
  2. Glued felt squares to bottom of boxes (cut just slightly smaller than box dimensions).
  3. Used retractable utility knife to cut ¼” wide and 2¼” long slit into prayer box tops.
  4. Glued box bottoms and matching lids together (let dry thoroughly).
  5. Used Mod Podge to glue layered torn decorative papers and tissues to top of box lids. (Here’s where you’re creative design and style should take over. Let dry thoroughly in between coats).
  6. Used rubber ink to stamp scripture verses and designs onto box lids. (Again, this is entirely at your discretion).
  7. Applied adhesive craft spray over stamped images to keep ink from running when next coat of decoupage was applied.
  8. Applied one thin coat of decoupage to seal designs (let dry thoroughly).
  9. Used soft cloth to “sponge” brown stain on box lids and sides to give it that worn and antiqued look (use stain sparingly over design).
  10. Applied final coat of decoupage on box tops and sides to seal stain (let dry thoroughly).
  11. Tied colored ribbon around box lids and secured with glue.

These prayer boxes are great little trinkets and perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends.  In fact, some of my customers have referred to them as “artistic treasures”.  To God be the glory!