Eight Ways to Creatively Promote Your Art

December 29, 2010

Original article written by Kristen Clark, edited by ASC | Posted on Saturday, October 25, 2008; http://www.asingularcreation.com/articles/eight-ways-to-creatively-promote-your-art.htm

Creativity applies to more than just art; it also applies to the business side of art – generating sales. The appeal of art alone is not sufficient to generate the kind of “buzz” that increases awareness, consideration and purchase. Art needs promotion – creative promotion.

I am a collage artist, and I am but one among a vast number of artists specializing in this medium; the competition is great and ever growing. As a result, my challenge lies not only in creating unique and appealing collages, but also in setting myself and my work apart from others. In the absence of an agent, I need to promote myself and my work, and I need to do this on a daily basis. The reality is that no matter how good my art may be I still need to create my own “buzz.” Fortunately, there are a variety of activities that can be easily managed in this effort, and those activities can be tailored to each artist’s unique style and preference.

• Maintain a creative and compelling web site

• Generate your own promotional “buzz” and communicate it through a distribution list

• Write and post an artist’s reflection for each piece

• Feature your art in all of your communications

• Donate select pieces to various charitable organizations for auction

• Leverage associations for networking and collaboration on promotional opportunities and ideas

• Volunteer to speak at conferences and events

• Write an article for a supporting magazine or journal

Creating “buzz” means more than entering art competitions and applying for shows. It means exposing your artistic abilities to a broader audience and in a creative way. I’ve outlined a few ideas that have worked well for me. I suggest trying even just a few of the eight listed above and remember, the need for creativity not only applies to artistic design; it also applies to promotional effort.