Pour Down Your Spirit, God!


“Hey, buddy,” I said, pouring milk into Colton’s usual bowl of cereal.  “Mommy said you were talking last night during Bible story time. Can you tell me what you were telling Mommy about… about Jesus shooting down power? What’s the power like?

“It’s the Holy Spirit,” Colton said simply. “I watched Him.  He showed me.”

“The Holy Spirit?”

“Yeah, He shoots down power for you when you’re talking in church.”

If there were comic-strip thought-bubbles over people’s heads, mine would have been filled with question marks and exclamation points right then.  Every Sunday morning before I give a sermon, I pray a similar prayer: “God, if you don’t help this morning, this message is going to fail.”  In light of Colton’s words, I realized I had been praying without really knowing what I was praying for.  And to imagine God answering it by “shooting down power”… well, it was just incredible.

Questions to Ponder:  In what way do you ask for the power of the spirit when you are creating your message to share with others?  How has His power manifested itself in the process?  In what way has your request for His power impacted your efforts?  In what way has your request for His power impacted your faith?

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