A Reminder of the Reason for the Season

As we venture into December, I am reminded of an article I wrote in July about our Christmas Eve spent last year in Santa Fe.  Santa Fe is known for serving up eye-candy for art lovers of all kinds.  With more than 250 galleries, the city caters to a diverse range of artistic mediums, including painting, photography, pottery and sculpture.  Additionally, many of the galleries are showcases for Santa Fe’s Native American and Spanish Colonial roots, and the browsing and shopping continue throughout the year.   

“Throughout the year” includes Christmas Eve, and it was on that evening last year that I was introduced to the holiday tradition of strolling through the galleries along Canyon Road.  Candle-lit luminaries and well-dressed carollers (some rehearsed, some not) were strewn here and there, and the well-travelled road provided a great venue for gathering around bonfires lighted at corners for the purpose of warming frozen toes in the nineteen degree weather.  Sipping hot chocolate or apple cider while humming along with the various and merry tunes added to the charm of the evening, which I decided made for a worthwhile annual tradition. 

The real treat was spying in the distance a single wooden sign hanging just above one particular gallery entrance.  That single sign stood out like Rudolph’s red nose and begged for my attention!  As I inched closer, the words became clearer.  The sign read, “Jesus said buy folk art”.

That sign made me smile and reminded me that even in the Land of Enchantment, notorious for extremely liberal strongholds and eastern-influenced metaphysical ideologies, universal tolerance and moral relativism, those who believe also dwell.  I could only imagine that if Jesus walked this earth today, he might be a connoisseur of art; He just might say something similar. It was also a reminder of the reason for the season.

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