Does My Image Match My Message?

As an artist competing in today’s world, I understand the need to differentiate myself by developing my own personal style.  Style contributes to my image and image is, after all, part of my brand.  However, in my effort to use my God-given talents to share my faith, I need to balance my image with my message.  Do I want to be hip and cool and compete in today’s artistic scene?  Or do I want to effectively share my message of faith and be a vessel for transforming lives?  Can I do both?  If God’s plan for me is to be a witness to His Mercy and Grace, then I need to decide how much attention I pay to my first impression.  So, I ask myself: Is my first impression in good condition and what does it say about my relationship with God? 

In 1999, 20th Century Fashion Icon Gerda Buxbaum said, “Grunge is synonymous with the condition of youth and stands for fear of the future as well as ecological awareness, a feeling of helplessness, and the desperate search for new values.”  Buxbuam’s comment poses a good question.  Does my first impression convey a message of fear, helplessness, and a need for new values?  Or does my first impression show my confidence in Christ and my hope for an eternal future with Him? 

Now, I understand that different audiences respond to different images and that there is a place for “grunge” across all art forms.  I am simply suggesting the need to balance image with the ability to deliver the right message. 

Excerpt from “Art as an Expression of Faith”, audio book coming soon!

That’s what I think.  What do you think?

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